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‘Osprey’ – Film

Posted on: April 2nd, 2020 by Birds of Poole Harbour

Well, yesterday, despite all the doom and gloom, we had a welcome and exciting piece of news that the Rutland female Osprey, CJ7, that has spent the last 3 summers in Poole Harbour returned this morning as a trial camera snapped her on one of the Arne nest platforms for a brief moment. Although she was only seen for a short moment, that fact she’s back is just the tonic we needed and hopefully the story will develop from here on in with LS7 hopefully not too far behind her.

Adult female and chick on nest, Hugh Miles

To celebrate this great news we’re proud and honoured to have been given permission to host a wonderfully classic and beautifully produced film that was made back in 1979 by local wildlife film-maker Hugh Miles. Hugh, who doesn’t live a million miles from Poole Harbour, is a highly commended and award winning wildlife film maker who has dedicated his life to conservation and creating rich, detailed and powerful films about the natural world. Hugh joined us on one of our Osprey cruises last summer and very kindly (just a few weeks ago) sent us this film which blew us away.

With thanks to the RSPB media unit who have kindly granted us permission to use the film, we’re thrilled so many people are going to be able to watch it as the story and conservation messages in this film are just as relevant today as they were back in the late 1970’s.

Hugh kindly provided us with these comments about one of his favourite birds;

“One of our children’s first words was “osprey”, for we lived alongside these charismatic birds for two years while filming them in the early years of their re-colonisation of Scotland and our love for them is deep in our souls. Katie and Peter still get excited whenever they see one, as do Sue and I, so we can’t admire the Birds of Poole Harbour team more for their brave and exciting initiative to re-establish the breeding of ospreys just ten miles from our home. These are trying times but if you want the best possible news, the osprey’s imminent return is it.”

Considering the types of recording and film equipment that were needed back then, it’s just astonishing how Hugh managed to get some of this footage….just incredible.

So, for a classic reminder of how we got to where we are today, please sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful piece of wildlife history.

‘Osprey’ – A year in the life (part 1) 

‘Osprey’ – A year in the life (part 2) 

Calling all birdwatchers, photographers and nature lovers

Posted on: April 1st, 2020 by Birds of Poole Harbour

If you have visited our engagement HQ on Poole Quay, then you will probably have used our large, interactive touch screen map which offers a wealth of information and helps visitors visualise birding routes around the harbour.

However, this resource has more potential. Despite the temporary closure of our engagement centre, our team are still beavering away behind the scenes and are currently producing a fully interactive bird quiz, offering a fun and informative resource.

The quiz will cover all ages and abilities. Exercises include identification of photos and videos, silhouettes, calls and sonograms… so there will be something for everyone! Whether you’re an avid beginner or experienced ornithologist, the interactive quiz will help you learn about the Harbour’s incredible wildlife

We would love to include some of your photos and videos in our new interactive quiz. That includes all those blurry out-of-focus images and record shots too! Record shots are just as welcome as a frame-filling images as these can feature in our more difficult identification levels…

So, if you would like any of of your photos or videos credited, please email

Call 01202 641 003