The Poole Harbour Osprey Project

Restoring a breeding population of Ospreys to the South Coast through an exciting 5-year translocation project

Birds of Poole Harbour are partnered with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Wildlife Windows for the Poole Harbour Osprey Reintroduction Project, aiming to restore a breeding population of these charismatic birds of prey to the South Coast.In this 5-year project between 2017 and 2021, we are translocating up to 60 Osprey chicks from Scotland and releasing them in the Poole Harbour area.

Only after a treacherous migration and a long stay in their wintering grounds will they reach maturity and return to the UK. This project means that that when they do return, they recognise Dorset as home, giving the perfect foundations for a breeding population to be restored on the South Coast, 180 years on from when they went extinct in England.

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History of Ospreys in the UK

The Poole Osprey translocation project

Poole Osprey webcam


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