The Poole Harbour Osprey Project

Restoring a breeding population of Ospreys to the South Coast through an exciting translocation project

Birds of Poole Harbour are partnered with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation to deliver the Poole Harbour Osprey Translocation Project, aiming to restore a breeding population of these charismatic birds of prey to the South Coast. The project, which started in 2017, involves the translocation of 60 juvenile Ospreys from Scottish nests into the Poole Harbour area. This process aims to create a bond between the young Ospreys and their new local area, before they leave on their first treacherous migration, usually to West Africa. This bond draws the Ospreys back to Poole Harbour on their return to the UK, after at least 2 years maturing in their wintering grounds, when they will identifying suitable nesting sites. The translocation therefore lays the foundations for their return as a breeding bird to the South Coast, 180 years on from their local extinction.

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The Poole Osprey translocation project

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