Carey Osprey Nest Cameras

During the winter of 2019-2020, we hosted a fundraiser for an Osprey nest live-stream camera to be installed for the Osprey season in 2020. We received great support during the campaign, including sponsorship from our partners Osprey Europe, along with the Fine Family Foundation and numerous donations from kind members of the public. In early 2022 we also installed a “back-up” camera on a second nest in the harbour area, following the return of 022 and CJ7 in 2021. The foresight paid off, with the pair returning in early April 2022, only to choose the back-up nest instead. Following their first successful breeding season, we upgraded the system during winter 2022 to a new and improved dual camera setup with audio included to provide an even more enjoyable viewing experience.

PLEASE NOTE: The location of this nest is publicly known, however it remains a highly sensitive and protected private site. For further information about booking onto a guided Osprey Tour to view the nest in a safe way, please see our announcement from 2023.

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