Poole Harbour Osprey Nest Camera

During the winter of 2019-2020, we hosted a fundraiser for an Osprey nest live-stream camera to be installed for the Osprey season in 2020. We received great support during the campaign, including sponsorship from our partners Osprey Europe, along with the Fine Family Foundation and numerous donations from kind members of the public. We also installed a “back-up” camera on a second nest in the harbour area, following the return of 022 and CJ7 in 2021. The foresight paid off, with the pair returning in 2022, only to choose the back-up nest instead of returning to the original livestream nest. We will be looking to install an improved camera system over the winter of 2022/23 on the new nest site. Tune in between March and October for the potential of seeing Ospreys through the webcam, with peak times between April and August. If you want to help and support the continued developments of our Osprey project, head to our Just Giving page.

For the safety and security of the nest, we don’t initially plan to state where this platform is, but will liaise with the landowner about future opportunities should we deem it safe and responsible to do so. We kindly ask for your cooperation in that if you know where this platform is please don’t announce its location on social media.



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