Corporate Enquiries

We offer team building and immersion events focusing on environmental education, wellbeing and nature for your business to explore Poole Harbour and see fantastic wildlife!

Corporate Group Events

3-hour Harbour Cruise | £1500 | Capacity 60 people

Birds of Poole Harbour offer bespoke cruises for corporate events in one of the UK’s best wildlife hotspots. These trips are focused on wellbeing, immersion in nature, and environmental education which is the perfect opportunity for your corporate group to get out into this inspiring landscape, learn about our environment and connect with colleagues.

While enjoying the beauty of Poole Harbour, we’ll also be providing commentary on the local area and wildlife and trying to spot the many exciting bird species found here including White-tailed Eagles, Ospreys, Spoonbills, Seals and much more! We offer 3-hour tours of the harbour, lead by our expert Birds of Poole Harbour Team, and provide binoculars for everyone to use while one board so no-one misses out.

To find out more and plan your trip with us please contact:


Ospreys Tours

For smaller group visits we can also offer Osprey Nest Tours from April-July. These are exclusive events for small groups of people to be shown the only Osprey nest on the entire South Coast and learn about the history of this ongoing project from our Birds of Poole Harbour team. This will offer exclusive views of the Osprey Nest and is a great option for any small group within your business. The booking of this event is pending the return of the nesting pair each year.


Supporting our Work

We are extremely grateful to any businesses or organisations that are interested in supporting our work by making a donation to the charity. Please get in touch with us directly via our Contact Us page if your organisation is interested in supporting us in any capacity.

We really appreciate the support of organisations that understand the importance of engaging with their local environment and working with us to help conserve this special area.

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