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Osprey Project18/02/2019

Eyes on the Sky for Osprey this Spring

This year is an incredibly exciting and potentially pivotal time in our ...
Osprey Project17/10/2018

Poole Harbour Osprey Translocation 2018 End of Season Update

As the nights begin to draw in, and temperatures fall, remembering the ...
Osprey Project20/08/2018

Osprey Translocation Project Update

In July this year we began the second phase of the Poole ...
Osprey Project12/07/2018

A Sad and Challenging Six Days – Osprey Project Update

In July this year we began the second phase of our Poole ...
Osprey Project04/04/2018

A Sorry ‘Tail’ of yet Another Poole Harbour Osprey Chick Sighting in West Africa

We were excited to receive the first bit of information about LS7 ...
Osprey Project09/02/2018

Another Poole Harbour Osprey Chick Seen in West Africa

Today (09/02/18) we received some incredible news.
Osprey Project25/01/2018

Osprey Chick LS7 Seen in Western Senegal

On Jan 23rd we received some exciting news from our project partners ...
Osprey Project14/08/2017

Poole Harbour Osprey Chicks Take Flight

Eight Osprey chicks have taken their first flights in Poole Harbour after ...
Osprey Project12/07/2017

Osprey Translocation Project – Schools IN for Summer

Fourteen Osprey chicks have arrived in Poole Harbour from Scotland as part ...
Osprey Project06/07/2017

The (Fish) Eagle Has Landed – Osprey Chicks Arrive in Poole Harbour

Eight Osprey chicks have safely arrived in Poole Harbour as part of ...

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