Osprey Project01/07/2020

Mid-Season Osprey Update

As we approach the halfway point of the 2020 Osprey season, we've been reflecting on what has happened so far and what's still to come...

CJ7 and LS7

What we hoped would be the first breeding attempt this year was unfortunately not meant to be, as LS7 did not arrive back. In 2019, he returned for the first time to the UK on June 12th and we expected him to return back earlier this year, hopefully in time for breeding with CJ7 on the livestreamed nest. Although it’s disappointing not to have LS7 return, especially as he was such a promising bird, 2020 has still been an exciting season with new milestones. We’ve seen CJ7 display her readiness to breed, experienced the process of nest building, unfertilised egg-laying and nest defence, as well as witness the occasional intruder to the area.

CJ7 is now a rare appearance on the webcam, which is to be expected at this time of year, considering she has no partner or chicks. She is regularly reported hunting over the Wareham Channel and occasionally landing on other nesting platforms, such as in the Middlebere Channel, which can be viewed from RSPB Arne. With CJ7’s dedication to the area, and more Ospreys to return from the project, we can look forward to future seasons having had a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s worth noting that many well-established and experienced Ospreys did not return this year, and it is likely that several birds were affected by bad weather systems in the spring. However, this season has not been without success…


Our newest returnee, 014

014 on Dyfi Osprey Project webcam

Earlier in the season we heard of the return of one of the 2018 translocated Ospreys, 014, return to the UK… but to Wales. She was first identified by the team at the Dyfi Osprey Project on the 20th May, when she paid a visit to their nesting site and could be seen on their livestream camera. Well, she seems to have been keeping busy since then and is still in Wales, visiting different sites including in Anglesey, the Clywedog Reservoir and a return visit to Dyfi. We’re pleased to see that she has been interacting with the local Ospreys and it will definitely be interesting to see where she ends up if she returns next season.


And finally……..

Many of our keen followers have been interested in whether the Osprey Translocation Project will be able to go ahead this season, in what will be the fourth year of the project. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to see how we can make it work, planning new strategies to ensure the safety of both staff and the birds. We’re pleased to announce that the project will be going ahead a bit later in the season, with a small team working intensively on the project from now until the autumn. Sticking to the course of the 5-year project increases the likelihood of a successful reintroduction and it has taken great consideration as to whether it was feasible to carry out in light of Covid-19. We are looking forward to the start of the season and are pleased to be delivering some positive action, despite the hardships this year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project this year, we look forward to updating you later in the season.

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