Harbour Update – posted 31/05/17

There was an interesting couple of sightings today which first consisted of a colour-ringed Common Crane in the Lower Frome Valley, Arne Moors, found at 6am which revealed (after a quick call to the RSPB) to be a five year old female called Margaret. This bird was part of the RSPB’s ‘Class of 2012′ group hatched on the Somerset Levels. Sadly it didn’t hang around long and wasn’t seen again after 8:30am. The other intriguing sighting from today consisted of another ringed bird which was an Osprey seen sat on the nesting platform in Middlebere around lunchtime. Again, this bird didn’t stay long either, but as it flew over the observer a photographed revealed it had a blue ring on the right leg, indicating its either a Welsh or English bird, rather than a Scottish one. We assume this is the same bird that’s been hanging around for a few weeks now and what’s even more interesting was that there were 2 reported in Wareham Forest too. Any Osprey sightings, within Poole Harbour or Wareham Forest please report to us either via Twitter or by email and we’d be really interested in seeing/receiving any photos too. The 3 Spoonbill were again on the Brownsea Lagoon.

Roseate Terns – Brownsea Lagoon – Jon Mercer (27/05/17) 

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