Harbour Update – posted 29/09/15

Another day and yes…more Spoonbills! There were 42 on the Brownsea Lagoon today and there are plenty more along the south coast at present hopefully making their way here. I would love to see 50 by the end of the week…fingers crossed. There were a minimum of 4 Bearded Tit along footpath 12, Lytchett Bay and at Lytchett Fields there were still 2 Whinchat, 2 Spotted Flycatcher and 1 Wheatear. The fields were generally quiet with 30+ Dunlin, 4 Greenshank and 4 Green Sandpiper. Two Kingfisher have been reported from Poole Park over the last couple of days, apparently showing very little fear of people and perching up on posts just yards from the general public. Great photo opportunities, especially with this late evening sun we’ve been getting.

Below are a couple more sounds from recent recording sessions up at Glebelands, Ballard. The first is a party of Siskin that passed very low overhead. Both Siskin and Goldfinch seem to be moving in big numbers at present so learning the Siskins chattering and tiu calls will alert you to their presence as they pass over in small groups.

Siskins – Calls of a migrating party over Glebelands, Ballard – 28/09/15

The second recording isn’t actually a migrating call, but in fact an alarm call from a Blackcap. This bird was in a bush behind and obviously didn’t like me standing where I was. This can be a common sound in scrubby habitats at this time of year so well worth knowing if you’re out and about.

Blackcap – Alarm calls of a male at Glebelands, Ballard – 28/09/15

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