Harbour Update – posted 29/01/23

We’re not quite sure that such a thick bank of fog was forecast for this morning, but for the most part of today, a damp, horrid, grey blanket of yuk bedded in and didn’t seem to want to budge. Thankfully the Canford Asda Waxwings were giving close views this morning, so the fog wasn’t an issue and they eventually relocated back to Upton again to the Mistletoe tree in Dacolme Drive. It’s such a fascinating behaviour to have actively selected just two bushes in the whole of Poole to feed from, that are (as the Waxwing fly’s) almost 3 miles apart! They may pit stop somewhere, but it’s been a consistent commute for several days now, with a rough estimate of 10-15 minutes to travel from A to B (or B to A depending in which way they’re flying). The other curious thing is that we know there are some well stocked berry bush’s in-between these two sites that look far better suited (to a human eye), but is their knowledge far greater than ours? and is there something specific about these two berry choices in terms of their exact needs? Who knows, but it’s great to have some ‘local’ Waxwings. Other than this, there was a Water Pipit and Spotted Redshank at Lytchett Fields.

The current Waxwing commute. Upton to CanfordĀ 

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