Harbour Update – posted 28/06/24

Have we missed a Red-footed Booby? With an amazing photo surfacing yesterday evening of a Gannet shaped bird settling on a rescue boat off Warbarrow Bay, near Lulworth, heads were scratched as to what it could be. As it turns out, it was Britains 3rd(?) Red-footed Booby resting up for 50 minutes, before moving off east. This is quite a remarkable record and chances are it’s probably headed back out into the English Channel, but birders along the Dorset coast will be checking every channel marker and channel buoy this coming weekend to see if it can be re-found still resting up. So, if you’re down the beach this weekend, don’t forget to look out to sea and check anything that looks suitable for a sea bird to sit on, as you never know….!!

It was cold again today and bird news seemed slow with only news of a Spotted Flycatcher family on Hartland, White-tailed Eagles and Osprey spotted in the Wareham Channel, 2 Hobby and a Goshawk over Carey Secret Garden, 2 Little Ringed Plover at Holme lane GP and 3 Spoonbill in Middlebere.

Linnet – Slepe Heath 

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