Harbour Update – posted 28/03/24

Was today the worst day of the winter/spring so far? Quite possibly, with torrential rain and and strong winds for almost the entire duration of the day. There were certain moments where we weren’t even sure our Osprey nest tree would be standing by the end of the day. Pretty grim! To add to the weather drama, there was Osprey drama on the nest cam this morning around 8:30am when a visiting un-ringed female Osprey dropped down briefly onto the nest. 022’s instant reaction was to try and ‘court’ her, but CJ7 couldn’t have been too far away as they soon both scarpered after a brief ‘interaction’ with one another. Looking at the plumage of todays new female, we’re pretty sure it’s the same female that caused trouble on the nest this time last year, and was (unfairly?) nick-named Jolene! Despite her interruption today, it’s good that she’s returned as all being well, last summers newly returned male single ‘374’ should be back soon, and she’d be a perfect match for him. Lets hope that a) she sticks around, and b) 374 arrives back soon! Despite the weather, there was also another arriving Osprey logged with one over Holes Bay heading north. Out in Poole Bay 8 Great Northern Diver were counted, on Wareham Common 21 Cattle Egret were still present and both Peregrines were on the Asda building.

Male Osprey 022 having brief ‘fling’ with visiting un-ringed female

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