Harbour Update – posted 27/06/23

Today we’re 10 years old! Can you believe it. It only feels like yesterday we built our first website and were starting to promote Poole Harbour as an exciting place to come and watch birds. How the landscape has changed over the last 10 years with new, thriving species back in the landscape, and a whole new audience enjoying this amazing place. It’s been a real rollercoaster, with multiple challenges and experiences along the way, but at the very heart of all we’ve achieved has been the support we’ve had from everyone who believed in us and were keen to see us succeed. With that belief, we hope we’ve built a charity that people can trust and follow, knowing we’ll always do all we can to help support Poole Harbour’s bird life. For that, we’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us in any capacity. To celebrate our 10th birthday we’ve launched our ’10 for 10 campaign’ where we’re trying to run £10k over 10 weeks. If you’d like to help us achieve our target then you can DONATE HERE

To celebrate our birthday we also hosted an evening cruise tonight and were rewarded with a phenomenal fish catch from male Osprey 022 in the Wareham Channel off the side of the boat. We also managed to jam in on the White-tailed Eagle pair G466 and G463, along with the first 5 Common Sandpiper of the autumn in the mouth of the Frome. Plus 1 Marsh Harrier over Giggers Island, c200 Black-tailed Godwit, 1 Peregrine over Poole Quay, 4 Avocet and 1 dark-bellied Brent Goose on the Brownsea Lagoon and 2 (moulting) Eider off Furzey Island. This morning the White-tailed Eagle pair were viewable from the Ham Common viewpoint and were witnessed hunting Black-headed Gull chicks off the gull island where a rough count 546 chicks were counted.

Male Osprey 022 – Wareham Channel – Clare Slade

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