Harbour Update – posted 27/06/17

The male Osprey was on the post in Middlebere again today having gone missing for a couple of days. It caught a whopping great big mullut(?) and proceeded to eat it alive…head first! Who’d be a fish? Up on Ballard, juvenile Whitethroat were moving around the hedgerows which are almost certainly the initial daring adventures of locally fledged birds rather than signs of autumn passage getting underway, although give it another four weeks and our locally fledged youngsters will be joined by wanderers from further afield. The 5 Spoonbill were again on Brownsea. Initial signs seem to indicate its been a good breeding year for local birds with good numbers of juveniles of many species beginning to emerge, lets just hope that pattern is replicated across the whole of Europe and that we’re about to witness a huge passage of birds this autumn period. 

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