Harbour Update – posted 27/05/21

Wow…it was actually sunny AND warm today. An actual proper late spring day, even exceeding 20 degrees briefly. With the weather set to continue on this trajectory could we be in for some nice late spring surprises?  A Wood Warbler singing briefly 100 meters west of RSPB Arne Car Park is an unusually late spring record, but this has been an unusual spring! Spring Wood Warblers are incredibly rare and typically pass through Poole Harbour in mid-April and would normal have all passed through by early May. Lytchett Bay featured 2 Whimbrel early morning and 2 Crossbill east overhead. Both Ospreys CJ7 and 022 continued to be active on the nest webcam. In fact, CJ7 was at the nest site pretty much for the whole day. For a while, and certainly during the foul weather we thought that a breeding attempt would become unlikely but as the weather has improved over the last few days, they both seem really interested in the nest again, even bringing in more nesting material. The next 3-4 days could be really exciting and we’ll all be eyes on the webcam to see if CJ7 lays any eggs at all.

Male 022 and female CJ7 on the nest cam

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