Harbour Update – posted 25/11/14

The Frome Valley is an under-watched area within the Poole Harbour boundary, mainly down to the fact that most of it consists of private land. However, having hosted plenty of good birds over the years…Woodchat Shrike, White Stork, Whooper and Bewick’s Swan and even Great Bustard, a good search around the public areas could come up trumps, as did yesterday when a pretty dull looking stubble field was found to contain no less than 17 Woodlark, 9 Yellowhammer, 4 Reed Bunting, 4 Stock Dove and 10 Chaffinch, with a neighbouring field holding 3+ more Woodlark and 35 Chaffinch. In Lytchett Bay this morning an adult male Hen and Marsh Harrier were present with a Peregrine, also 15 Redbreasted Merganser out in the Bay and 2 Black Swan.

Last year it was decided that the money raised from our monthly field trips would go towards a new Barn Owl box and webcam that would be streamed live on our website. The webcam was a huge success, and the Barn Owls raised 4 healthy chicks within their first year. This was a big boost for the areas struggling Barn Owl population, made possible only by the kind donations that were given to us over the year. You can watch the webcam HERE with the owls present in the box most of the day. Well, we’ve been thinking long and hard about the next conservation project we’d like to focus on, using money raised from this year’s field trips and events and we’ve finally made a decision. We’re still ironing out the plan, so can’t tell you too much just yet, but it’s a project that will definitely benefit birdwatchers and provide you with one more ‘stop off’ point during your bird watching tour of the harbour.  Watch this space…


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