Harbour Update – posted 25/10/14

Despite some decent Saturday weather not many sightings came my way unfortunately. I guess the best news is that there is now a third Hen Harrier in the harbour this time an adult female which means it now joins the younger female and male as they dash around the Wareham Channel and Hartland Moor. There are also currently 8 different Marsh Harrier in the harbour. Today we attended the Arne Forage Festival, which was really well received. Our ringing demo that we hosted with the Stour Ringing Group was also a big hit with an incredible 95 birds ringed including 5 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 13 Chaffinch, 8 Greenfinch plus numerous Blue and Great Tit, Goldfinch and a Blackcap. Before the event I arrived at Arne around 6am to do some sound recording and was treated to several Tawny Owls all calling, along with a handful of Redwing a nice Bullfinch flock of around 10 birds flying over. At dawn there were also plenty of Robins calling and singing and this is a species I’m going to be taking a deeper look at regarding its vocal arrangements over the coming months so decided to make a recording of a typical song. Below is the recording I made plus six very different looking sonograms. Amazingly all these sonograms are from the same bird and from the same 56 second recording, highlighting how varied their repertoires are.

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