Harbour Update – posted 24/05/21

All being well, today should be the last wet day for quite some time. The wind also subsides throughout tomorrow, meaning after two months of bitterly cold, and soaking wet conditions, we may actually get to see some sun at last!

It really has been quite hard work this spring with wader passage slow for the most part and dawn choruses barely getting going at all. The return of male Osprey 022 has been a highlight for many and his bond with CJ7 has certainly added some warmth to this spring. Although he really doesn’t like sharing any of his hard earned fish, and is still yet to present any to CJ7. For a successful nesting attempt this year, he really needs to learn how to start provisioning her with fish so that when and if she does lay some fertile eggs, he’ll be then know how to supply his new family with enough to keep them going. It’s all a learning curve for these birds so at present we’re just taking each day as it comes and learning new things all the time. It’s been nice in the last 24 hours also seeing Woodlark, Nightjar and handsome Ravens on the nest too.

022 failing to share with CJ7

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