Harbour Update – posted 24/03/23

Still no sign of this wind letting up, although early next week looks good for some more migrant arrivals. Today sightings were pretty thin on the ground but did included 2 Spoonbill and a Little Ringed Plover on Brownsea, 1 Water Pipit at Lytchett Bay, 2 White-tailed Eagle in the Wareham Channel, 1 Swallow at Lytchett Bay and 3 Marsh Harrier at Swineham.

Also, now that our new Osprey cameras are up and running and being live streamed in goodness knows how many houses, offices and classrooms across the country, we thought it would be a nice idea to provide an overview of last year’s events, providing significant dates relating to various milestones during the season. To complement this information, our volunteer Alison Copland has compiled a wonderful video which features multiple heart-warming, funny (and some not so funny) sequences that have been clipped from last year’s live stream.

We estimate it’s only between 10-15 days until our pair could return back, possibly even sooner considering how strong the winds have been coming up from southern Europe over the next week. These strong winds could provide perfect migrating conditions for many migrating birds, not just Ospreys, as they use the tail wind to travel across larger than normal areas on route back to breeding grounds. In fact, we even heard today, that a female Osprey that nests up on the borders returned 9 days early today!

Having watched the video multiple times since Alison sent it to us, it’s easy to forget just how eventful, exciting and fascinating last seasons escapades were. We hope you enjoy the video and are keeping everything crossed for another (even better) successful year.

For reference, below the video is a list of significant dates from last year’s breeding season.

Poole Osprey Season 2022 Overview Film

Poole Osprey Season 2022 Overview

  • April 5th – CJ7 arrives back and lands on her new nest platform
  • April 10th – 022 arrives back and joins CJ7 on new nest platform
  • April 23rd – 1st egg is laid
  • April 26th 2nd egg is laid
  • April 29th – 3rd egg is laid
  • 31st May – 1st egg hatches
  • June 3rd – 2nd egg hatches
  • July 4th – chicks are ringed
  • July 23rd – chick 5H1 fledges
  • July 25th – chick 5H2 fledges
  • Aug 3rd – un-ringed Osprey ‘notch-wing’ lands on the nest for the first time
  • August 5th – Goshawk attack on chick 5H2
  • August 8th – chick 5H2 sadly died
  • August 24th  – 5H1 migrated
  • August 28th – CJ7 migrated
  • Sept 10th – 022 migrated

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