Harbour Update – posted 23/05/24

Very slow migration wise today, but there was excitement none the less when our first Osprey chick of the season hatched out at 07:44 this morning. After battling its way out of the egg for a few hours, CJ7 helped with the final tricky section by knocking the top of the egg off, revealing its head and bewildered expression as it took it’s first look at the world. During the course of the day it had several good, but small feeds, but as we know from previous years, their growth is rapid and they won’t stay this adorable for too long. Then, at around 17:30 this evening a second egg started hatching and by 20:00 the chick had managed to chip it’s self a nice sized hole which will likely result in it’s full hatching sometime tonight. Elsewhere there were Osprey sightings in Lytchett Bay, confirmed as an un-ringed male, and another off Jerry’s Point this afternoon which headed towards Ower Bay.

First feeding of Osprey chick 2024

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