Harbour Update – posted 18/06/24

With settled weather now upon us, it was good to see some new arrivals today including a new colour-ringed Osprey, ring number 1H1 which settled on the Middlebere nest platform this afternoon. With a few quick phone calls we were able to trace this individual down as being a 2022 fledged female from the Manton Bay nest at Rutland Water. This is her first summer back in the UK and is likely to be touring around the country like all 2-year old Ospreys do, although should our 3-year old male ‘374’ suddenly make an appearance then things could get interesting. There was also an ‘intruder’ Osprey at the nest site this morning which could have been 1H1, or perhaps a different arrival? This afternoon there was a spectacular 3-way battle high above the Wareham Channel with a Common Buzzard and Osprey (male 022) tag teaming against one of the White-tailed EaglesĀ before they all then lost interest and went their separate ways. There was also an Osprey fishing in Lytchett Bay this afternoon. Numbers of returning Curlew are starting to build with 17 out in the mouth of the Frome this afternoon, off Giggers Island. A Red Kite was high above Wareham.

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