Harbour Update – posted 19/06/22

With the summer solstice only a couple of days away and day lengths beginning to shorten as of Wednesday it seemed fitting that the first autumn migrant of the season was logged today in the shape of the first Green Sandpiper arriving back at Lytchett Fields. This is a typical (if not slightly late) date for the first ‘Green Sands’ to appear. However, what was a bit more unusual were 2 Common Sandpiper, also at Lytchett Fields. The first ‘Common Sands’ often don’t tend to start heading south and arriving into the harbour until mid-July so it could be that todays were failed breeders. At Bog Lane a male Cuckoo was on the valley edge and a Spotted Flycatcher was also there. It’s been confirmed that Corfe Peregrines have fledged 1 chick which by the looks of things has recently departed the nest, although still hanging out around Corfe Castle. Another sign that some birds are moving were a small party of Crossbill over Rempstone heading south. These are likly to be local breeders, but in June and July, Crossbill start moving having finished their breeding season several weeks ago and are now in search of new feeding grounds.

Spotted Flycatcher – Bog Lane – Garry Hayman

Great Tit (juvenile) – Middlebere – Mark Wright

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