Harbour Update – posted 17/02/15

Today there was a Spoonbill at Holes Bay, and that is the best of the highlights! I think that says it all.

However, rarities and scarcities don’t necessarily have to be the only order of the day. Why not get out and watch the Red-breasted Mergansers and Goldeneye currently displaying out in the harbour as they head throw and chase their mates around in a frantic dash, or go out to your local woodlands and listen out for drumming Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Great Tits performing their spring ‘bicycle pump’ song. Winter thrushes such as Fieldfare and Redwing are feeding up and departing soon, whilst it seems every tree or bush has a singing Song Thrush in it currently. Go searching for Med Gulls as these handsome birds moult into their summer attire and visit the heathlands on the west of the harbour (Slepe Heath, Hartland Moor, Arne) for early morning singing Woodlark.

Although it may seem there isn’t much going on…there is…everywhere.

You just need to go out and look 😉

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