Harbour Update – posted 16/07/21

We got a couple of nice updates today regarding breeding birds both here in the harbour, and a bit further way. Firstly, we heard from raptor watcher Peter Hadrill who reported to us that the breeding Marsh Harrier are doing well, despite no sign of any chicks over the reed beds yet, although it won’t be long now. Interestingly the adult male lost interest several weeks ago and departed, leaving the female to raise the chicks on her own which she seems to be doing really well. Apparently even catching a Black-headed Gull from the air and taking it to ground today. We don’t know how many chicks there are but it it won’t be long until we know with fledging due any day now.

Secondly we had an exciting update from the ‘Friends of the Ospreys’ team up in Wales who’ve been keeping us up to date with the progress our translocated female Osprey 014, who we raised and released here in the harbour in 2018, and is now on a nest, raising a single chick herself at a site called Pont Croesor. This is a big milestone for the project, to actually see the first chick being raised and ringed today as a direct result of our Poole Harbour translocation project is just amazing. Because as we’ve said before, one of the main objectives is to get all these populations interconnecting which over the coming years we’re sure will be accomplished. Below are a series of photos courtesy of the ‘Friends of the Ospreys’ team as they went to the nest site today to ring the single chick which turned out to be a male, and is now ring number 494. As it turns out 014 actually laid 3 eggs, but likely due to the cold and wet spring, only the one progressed enough to hatch. Good luck on your travels in the future young man.

Around the harbour today, it was the absolute scorcher they’d predicted making birding tricky, but there were Whimbrel in Brands Bay, Holes Bay and Lytchett Bay. Male and female Osprey 022 and CJ7 were seen over RSPB Arne again and our Nightjar walk last saw a stunning sunset welcome in 4-5 Nightjar fly around our group with 2 Glow Worm seen and plenty of Dartford Warbler still calling.

Female Osprey 014’s new chick at the Pont Croesor nest in Wales – ‘Friends of the Ospreys’

Our Nightjar group at sunset last night – Julie and Steve Smith

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