Harbour Update – posted 16/06/17

There was a fine scene in Middlebere this afternoon when both the male and female Osprey were seen sat on the nesting platform for a short while, before one then headed off to the dead trees at the back of the marsh. Although this all looks very encouraging, we have been seeking advice from a couple of experts who were involved in the Rutland project who explained that although this behaviour and activity around the nest is exciting it doesn’t necessarily indicate a sign of things to come. As we know the male is a 2nd summer individual and it’s likely the female is too. The over-summering of 2nd summer Osprey in a fish rich area is classic behaviour for a bird of this age and although it may like it here, their own biology prevents them colonising and pioneering new sites other than in very rare occurrences and its likely (the male at least) will venture back to Rutland next spring, or the year after ready to breed. We’ll certainly be keeping our fingers crossed, but the key is to attract as many birds (male and female) as possible to hang around in the harbour during the early spring (March and April) for the best chances of them remaining to breed. There were further signs of autumn passage getting underway with the first Little Ringed Plover arriving back on Lytchett Fields with 35 Lapwing also back (almost certainly failed breeders or first year birds) and 24 Black-tailed Godwit. At Holton Pools a large mixed-tit flock bounded through the Silver Birch with lots of young Chiffchaff mixed in…not long before the Willow Warbler join them too! Well, a good 4 weeks anyway. 

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