Harbour Update – posted 14/06/21

It was another blisteringly hot day today with some ‘interesting’ occurrences. Most notably having to go and rescue one of the Poole Barclays Peregrines which had found it’s self grounded late morning. Earlier it had attempted to fledge, and seemed to be doing quite well. However, once on the pavement it was then too exhausted to then make its way back up to the ledge. However thanks to the speedy quick thinking of the Barclays team and Jason Fathers we were able to get to the bird really quickly, and then get it back up to its nesting ledge with it’s siblings. This allowed us our first proper look and the juv’s and could see quite clearly the chicks are made up of 2 males and 1 female. It’s quite possible this will happen again over the coming days or weeks, but lets hope we can achieve the same result each time! There was a Great White Egret feeding in front of the raptor screen at Arne (Middlebere) and both a Cuckoo and Nightjar were calling at the same time from Middlebere heath mid-morning. At Lytchett Fields there were 23 Lapwing, which included the first dispersed juvenile of the autumn. Probably from one of the local breeding sites such as Keysworth or Morden.

Yesterday we mentioned that we had an Osprey that appeared at the release site and wondered if it could have been a new arrival? Well today, male Osprey 022 showed up there suggesting that it was actually him yesterday reacquainting himself with his natal site. This is common behaviour in young male Ospreys  and he’ll probably visit the area again several times this summer.

We also received some great news today that our translocated Osprey from 2018, female 014, has successfully hatched chicks in the Glaslyn Valley in Wales. This is a great achievement for the project because it actually fulfils part of the long-term objective of our translocation because we’re already seeing the main England populations connecting up. We of course have CJ7 from Rutland, Wales now have female 014 and all we need now is for our pair to breed and at some point in the near future we just need to steal a Welsh Osprey and the triangle will be complete!

Joe Parker

Rescued Peregrine chick from the Barclays nest

Male osprey 022 over his old release site

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