Harbour Update – posted 11/05/23

A Red Kite hunting along the Arne shoreline in the Wareham Channel was one of the highlights of our private charter this morning, excitingly going on to interact with an Osprey that was hunting near Hyde’s Heath – the second of two Osprey seen hunting during the trip. 1 Little Ringed Plover and 2 summer-plumaged Dunlin were also roosting on the Arne shoreline, and 1 Marsh Harrier was active near Keysworth. The Forster’s Tern was again present fishing between Shipstal and Long Island this morning, before being seen on Brownsea Lagoon early this afternoon.

Excitingly, we have also announced today our new Osprey Tours: a guided experience which takes you to see CJ7 and 022 at their Poole Harbour nest site. Over the last year, more and more people have inevitably discovered where the pair are nesting, and we have been incredibly grateful for their cooperation in keeping the location to themselves. Most importantly, this has given the pair space to settle and have a successful first season, but it has also allowed us to build a plan to provide a secure guided viewing opportunity at the site with the bird’s best interest in mind. To be able to achieve this, we have been lucky enough to form a partnership between Birds of Poole Harbour and local business Careys Secret Garden; a beautiful walled garden nestled in the Piddle Valley that is perfectly situated to provide guided viewing of the Osprey nest.

Of course, Ospreys are a Schedule 1 Species and the safety of this special pair is our priority, so we have been working closely with Dorset Police Rural Crime Team and the National Wildlife Crime Unit, as well as our dedicated team of volunteers monitoring the site to ensure the birds are not at risk of disturbance. Due to the sensitivity of the nest site, we really appreciate you taking the time to read our full post before booking a tour to visit Careys Secret Garden.

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