Harbour Update – posted 08/06/21

We have some more good news today. After announcing a couple of days ago that we believe Marsh Harrier are currently feeding young in the Wareham Channel. We can now also confirm that the Barclays Peregrines are also currently provisioning for 2-3 chicks. A nesting tray was put up back in March in partnership with Barclays, Wildlife Windows, Birds of Poole Harbour and Dorset Police and the birds took to it right away. Local Holes Bay watcher Martin Adams recently took a photo of one of the chicks peering over the top of the nesting balcony, giving a rough idea of age and today Rene Goad got a great photo of one of the chicks braving the balcony. It will be incredibly exciting when the young fledge which is always an active and noisy affair, but should allow for some good viewing and perhaps photographic opportunities.

Elsewhere today an Osprey was seen heading up the Frome Valley, heading towards Holmebridge. This could be either CJ7 or 022, but seems out of character for their normal day to day behaviour, suggesting it could have been a newly arrived migrant heading up and following the river system out of the harbour. You can tell it’s been a late spring because Sedge Warbler were still absolutely going for it at Bestwall and Bog Lane this morning. Sedge Warbler tend to go silent once paired up in mid-May, but there were no signs of either of these birds quietening down. The first passage Crossbill of the autumn passed over Lytchett Fields with 3 logged and a Roseate Tern settled on the tern islands on Brownsea briefly.

Paul Morton

Juvenile Peregrine – Barclays, Poole – Rene Goad

Roseate Tern – Brownsea Lagoon – screen grab from webcam

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