Harbour Update – posted 07/06/23

Great to see the Nightjar hatching on Springwatch tonight which gives an indication to how far along into the season these special birds are. With the nights warming up this coming weekend and with (hopefully) more insects and moths on the wing, it should provide plenty of Nightjar activity out on the heaths as parents start to feed young. This evening 2 Eider were on Stoney Island off the SE corner of Brownsea and on the lagoon today there were 6 Avocet, 3 Redshank and 1 dark-bellied Brent Goose. The Barclays Peregrines were very active again, with 1 juvenile still sadly missing, however another ventured off the Barclays building to a near by factory roof whilst the other stay close to home on the Barclays ledges. Both the adults watched on for periods of the day in between breaks over to the Asda building. At Lytchett Bay Bearded Tit were calling from the reed bed to the left of Rock Lea viewpoint, and a female Marsh Harrier passed over the bay.

Juvenile Peregrine – Barclays Building – Martin Adams

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