Harbour Update – posted 06/04/20

Today saw a great return in birds for people who were out for their health walks. A proper April morning! Firstly, thanks to everyone that’s been sending in sightings to us so that we can still publish info for everyone. We know times are tough, but it’s great to hear that people are being sensible by walking to favourite (remote) areas to get their daily exercise and still able to enjoy spring to a certain extent. Without doubt the two best birds were a Hoopoe on the outskirts of Wareham near Mill Lane which sadly didn’t hang around for long before flying off south over the town, only then for the same observer to look up 10 minutes later and see a White Stork drift high west down the Piddle Valley, heading towards East Stoke. The harbours first Reed Warbler of the spring was at Swineham and a Tree Pipit was at Wareham Forest. In Lytchett Bay an Arctic Tern was in the bay and a migrating Marsh Harrier was seen at Lytchett Bay, heading west, only to be seen passing over Wareham about 10 minutes later. There were 2 Osprey n the harbour again today with both active out in the Wareham Channel but keeping their distance.

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