Harbour Update – posted 04/04/20

Well, there’s still no definitive sign of CJ7 since Wednesday but an Osprey was seen out over the Wareham Channel yesterday afternoon, which was seen to catch a fish and take it towards Wareham Forest. There was a nice little fall of Willow Warblers with several around Lytchett Bay and in peoples gardens. Last night there were also plenty of people out seeing if they could add Common Scoter to their garden lists with the understanding that many have been migrating at night recently, and amazingly they were heard over central Poole, Lytchett Bay, Ridge and Lytchett Matravers which is just astonishing. The springs first Whimbrel for the harbour also passed over Lytchett Matravers last night with many more likely to be recorded over the coming weeks. There were also still 2 Little Ringed Plover on Wareham Common flood. Our Osprey nest cam is offereing some ‘interim’ entertainment whilst we wait for the return of male Osprey LS7 with a Kestrel on there today which was seen carrying a male Sand Lizard. This is typical behaviour for Kestrel that nest on or on the edge of heathland habitats, the Kestrel pair at Arne almost feeding exclusively on Lizards.

Kestrel with male Sand Lizard on Osprey Nest Cam

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