Harbour Update – posted 01/06/14

Thankfully, THANKFULLY the Short-toed Eagle decided to sleep tight at Morden Bog on Saturday night and as daylight broke and the Eagle opened its eyes it was welcomed by the sight of some 500 birders looking back at it. Un-phased it sat tight from first light (04:30am) to around 10am where upon it decided there was enough warmth and a decent thermal to lift it up, up and away never to be seen again…yet! Amongst the excitement of the Eagle, there was some other news. Steve Smith found a probable female Grey-headed Wagtail up on Old Harry, where there was also 2 Eider Duckoff shore. Now for some more Eagle photos 😉

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Harbour Update – posted 25/05/24

Highlights from today’s sightings all seemed to be focused on Brownsea Lagoon, which has been particularly productive recently….

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Harbour Update – posted 24/05/24

Another day, another Osprey chick, this time an afternoon hatch, about 15:00. Sadly and frustratingly male 022 also…

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