Harbour Update – posted 06/06/22

We had two strokes of luck today when it came to our Poole Harbour Osprey nest. Firstly, a freak power cut this morning seemed to re-set the camera back to it’s original angle, meaning you can now see the whole nest again and both parents. You may remember, several weeks ago CJ7 and 022 were landing and mating on top of the camera, when it looked like they had knocked it down, meaning the view was restricted. Well it seems it was only the lens inside the camera that was knocked down (not the whole unit), so when the camera re-set its self this morning, it recalibrated and began streaming the full view again…..brilliant! Secondly, during the power cut, it was sods law that the first view of one of the chicks would occur, but luckily our network recorder was still recording the footage despite the live stream not working, meaning we still got to see the historical moment when the chicks head peered above the nest for the very first time. Since then we’ve been able to confirm at least two chicks with their heads appearing into view several times today. The big question will be is there a third? No doubt we’ll find out in a few days time! Below is the footage we were able to extract from our network recorder this morning of the very first views of a Poole Harbour Osprey chick. We’d also like to say a huge thank you to everyone thats donated towards our Osprey Project Fundraiser. We’ve raised just over £3000 over the Bank Holiday weekend which is brilliant. If you haven’t done so yet, but are keen to help support the project then you can do so by visiting our Just Giving page here…..Donate Here

Elsewhere around the harbour there were still 4 Brent Geese in Brands Bay and 81 Black-tailed Godwit. Sadly, with todays good news, there does come some bad news. Over the weekend the Barclays Peregrines fledged and all seemed to be doing Ok. However, today we received a call informing us that one of the chicks had been found dead having flown into an office winder at/near Barclays. This is obviously one of the risks to urban Peregrines with exactly the same happening to one of last years chicks too.

022 and CJ7 surveying their estate

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