Osprey Project23/03/2021

World Osprey Week Content

Get involved with World Osprey Week between 22nd-26th March with videos and activity packs, as well as a few competitions!

Thanks for joining us to learn about Ospreys! If you want to recieve FREE activity packs to go along with the videos, sign-up on the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust Website here: https://www.lrwt.org.uk/wow

Day 1 – Introduction to Ospreys

Today we’re giving an Introduction to Ospreys! Find out about their lifestyles, feeding and nesting behaviours, how to identify them and when to see them in the UK:

Day 2 – History of Ospreys in the UK

Learn about the History of Ospreys in the UK, including why they aren’t as widespread as they have been historically, and how their population made a comeback!

Please note that, although this video is aimed at children and so is dealt with in a gentle manner, it does discuss the killing of wildlife, including shooting.

Day 3 – Osprey Migration

Learn about the epic journeys that Ospreys make twice every year, as well as food chains and tracking methods. This is a really exciting topic to learn about at the moment as more Ospreys are currently entering the UK after their long migration from their wintering grounds.

Day 4 – Osprey Reintroductions

On day 4 of World Osprey Week, we’re celebrating a topic close to our hearts – Osprey Reintroductions! Learn about why reintroductions are needed, how they work, as well as some behind the scenes information…
Rutland Osprey Project are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, and we hope that the project we are leading here in Poole will be just as successful. We hope you enjoy learning about translocations!
Day 5 – Other Species Reintroductions
It’s the last day of World Osprey Week and after learning about Osprey Reintroductions yesterday, we thought it would be fun to hear about other species reintroductions that are happening in the UK! We hope you’ve enjoyed the week, make sure to check out the competitions below!

Making Your Future Wild competitions

We’d love to see you get creative for WOW! If you are aged 12 and under, be sure to check out our artwork, poetry and video competitions below! Our video competition also offers the chance for 13-18-year-olds to get involved. The competition deadline is midnight on Sunday 4th April. Winning entries will be announced on Saturday 10th April during The Reintroduction & Rewilding Summit. To enter the competition, please email your entries to amustard@lrwt.org.uk (for video entries – send files via wetransfer.com to the same email address).

Osprey Europe have kindly sponsored the competition by donating 3 child’s backpacks as prizes for the age 12 and under competitions, and Viking Optical have kindly donated a pair of Otter 8×32 Binoculars for the winner of the Age 13-18 category! For further details and terms & conditions visit www.lrwt.org.uk/wow


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