Osprey Project27/04/2021

Translocated Osprey Summary

A table to show the rings and sexes of translocated birds released so far during the Poole Harbour Osprey Translocation Project.

Individuals that are in grey are known or are suspected to have unfortunately died. You can read the 2018 full season summary which outlines the difficulties faced that season here. 014 is now back in Wales on a nest with a ringed male Z2 (Aeron), which you can read about here.

Sightings Reported Abroad

LS7, Senegal (2018): LS7 was seen in January 2018 at Saloum Delta National Park in Senegal. He returned to Poole Harbour as a 2 year old in 2019, but sadly did not return again in 2020.

LS3, Senegal (2018): LS3 was photographed in Senegal in late January 2018, looking in good condition.

LS6, The Gambia (2018): LS6 was photographed on January 16th, missing a large portion of his tail, likely caused by a predator interaction. Unfortunately, LS6 was found deceased in a similar area 2 months later, so we suspect that the loss of his tail may have impacted his ability to hunt, causing him to perish.

019, The Gambia (2019, 2020, 2021): 019 has been sighted several times in The Gambia since her released in 2019 at Gunjur Quarry.

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