Osprey Project02/04/2020

CJ7 Returns! 02/04/2020

CJ7 has returned to Poole Harbour once again...

CJ7 captured on one of the harbour nest platforms

She returned on the morning of the 2nd of April, captured through one of our motion-sensitive cameras on a nesting platform in the harbour. The fleeting visit to the nest occurred at 11:11am, but we expect to make another appearance soon. This is the fourth time CJ7 has come to summer in Poole Harbour, and hopes are high for potential breeding this year. The passage of Ospreys through the harbour so far this spring has been difficult to record due to isolation, but nevertheless we have had several reports of the last few weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the return of male Osprey LS7 soon.

CJ7 & LS7

CJ7 is a female Osprey who hatched from a nest in Rutland in 2015. When she returned to the UK from her wintering grounds in 2017, she summered in Poole Harbour, seemingly attracted by the released juveniles from the translocation project. The following summer she returned again, though no male Ospreys were in the harbour. In 2019 she returned yet again on April 1st, and spent a lot of early spring on nest platforms, even nest building. With fortunately, one of the male Ospreys from the 2017 translocation returned in June.. ringed LS7. He immediately met CJ7 and they spent the rest of the summer pair bonding on nest platforms through the rest of the summer. This led to a fundraiser to install a livestream webcam on one of their favoured nests, which can be found here:

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