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Osprey Project20/05/2020

Osprey PT0 Visits the Nest

After updating the Osprey diary yesterday and saying that we could expect ...
Osprey Project30/04/2020

Osprey Update: CJ7 Lays an Unfertilised Egg

Well, another day on the nest and CJ7 has managed to surprise ...
Osprey Project08/04/2020

Osprey Update 08/04/20 – CJ7 on Webcam!

It's been an exciting day, with female Osprey CJ7 arriving on the ...
Osprey Project02/04/2020

CJ7 Returns! 02/04/2020

CJ7 has returned to Poole Harbour once again...
News Article01/04/2020

Calling all birdwatchers, photographers and nature lovers

Our team are creating an exciting interactive quiz... and we need your ...
News Article27/03/2020

World Osprey Week Day 5 – Translocation Project

Today marks the end of World Osprey Week!
News Article26/03/2020

World Osprey Week Day 4 – History

It's the penultimate day of World Osprey Week!

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