Second 2017 Poole Harbour Osprey chick appears - Aug 2019

Well well well, who would have thought. Today we received a photo from one of our Osprey nest cams of a blue ringed Osprey which currently isn’t unusual. Both CJ7 and LS7 have been incredibly active on several nests this summer, so for a split second just assumed it would just be one of those. However, knowing that mid to late August is a good time for other 2-year old Ospreys to begin returning and sniffing about then it was worth checking the leg ring, and we’re very glad we did. Although a bit blurry you can just make out the lettering LS3 which is another male from our 2017 release.  This now makes it two returning males, and what’s even nicer is that it was these two birds that were photographed in Senegal in the early winter of 2018. You can read about the find of LS3 in West Africa HERE.

This now means we could have two active males in the harbour next spring looking for love and with both CJ7 and now ‘Beaky’ looking interested in the harbour as a first breeding site, will we see a double nesting attempt or will the completion really begin?

So far LS3 has only been seen briefly on one of the nests so we’re hoping over the coming days we’ll get some more images or sightings of him, perhaps with a female in tow too?

We’ll keep you posted.

Fresh in - LS3 arrives on a Poole Harbour nest platform 24/08/19 @ 15:18

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