Poole Park Greylag Goose Round Up

Quite often, research in to bird migration and behaviour doesn’t need to be just based around rarer and scarcer species. There is still plenty to be found out about some of our commoner residence, and it’s through good science that we can expand our knowledge about species that having been living right under our noses for many years.

We’re thrilled to announce that one of our BoPH HQ staff members Tom Weston, who is also a student at Bournemouth University has linked up with the new local BCP council to carry out a fascinating piece of work this summer in Poole Park. With a kind donation from the Dorset Bird Club too, Tom’s research looks to see if, when and where our local Poole Park Greylag Geese population move too later in the summer and during the winter, adding a whole new dimension to ‘feeding the geese in the park’.

Tom has written an excellent piece about his research which can be read below. We wish him luck with the project and can’t wait to get stuck in to help and support him later in June with the research.


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