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POSTED: 09.01.2020

Over the last few years we’ve met plenty of new, keen, eager birders (as well as the old cohort) who love nothing better than exploring Poole Harbour on a cold winters day.

POSTED: 23.08.2019

Well well well, who would have thought. Today we received a photo from one of our Osprey nest cams of a blue ringed Osprey which currently isn’t unusual. Both CJ7 and LS7 have been incredibly active on several nests this summer, so for a split second just assumed it would just be one of those.

POSTED: 07.08.2019

Wow, what a incredible last few weeks. As many of you will know, this year we entered the third year of our Poole Harbour Osprey translocation project. With our first returning bird (male LS7) from 2017 arriving back this summer we're already beginning to see the fruits of our labour.

POSTED: 24.06.2019

Wow, what a 2019 its been so far for Osprey in Poole Harbour, and its not even autumn yet; traditionally the busiest time for Osprey passing through on their way south.

POSTED: 13.06.2019

A male Osprey from the Poole Harbour reintroduction program has returned to the UK for the first time since being raised and released in south Dorset back in 2017.

POSTED: 10.06.2019

Those of you that have been following our work for a number of years now will know about the nocturnal migration work we’ve been carrying out since 2015.

POSTED: 28.05.2019

On a warm, sunny May evening I wondered over to the Puffin boat after a day’s work in the Birds of Poole Harbour HQ. It was nice to see a gathering of likeminded birders all queuing up, waiting to alight the boat.

POSTED: 21.05.2019

In case you’ve missed our previous blog introducing our Kestrel diet project, you can read it here.

POSTED: 14.05.2019

A fantastic opportunity has arisen at the HQ for an Engagement Supervisor.

POSTED: 14.05.2019

Here at Birds of Poole Harbour we’re looking to expand our Volunteer Team and are hoping to find like-minded and enthusiastic people to join us in our HQ on Poole Quay.

POSTED: 09.05.2019

Since Birds of Poole Harbour began in 2012, we’ve seen a wonderful rise in interest and support for our work right across the harbour.

POSTED: 09.05.2019

Quite often, research in to bird migration and behaviour doesn’t need to be just based around rarer and scarcer species.

POSTED: 23.04.2019

On a beautifully sunny Saturday morning I board the busy boat and find a seat for the 8am sharp departure. With Safety procedures covered, Paul starts his commentary as we swiftly motor out into the harbour to start our 3.5 hour tour.

POSTED: 02.04.2019

We just wanted to share an exciting update with you all, which saw an Osprey land on the new Middlebere nesting platform yesterday morning at 8:43am. Our camera trap on the Middlebere nest captured footage of an Osprey settling on the nest for 40 minutes.

POSTED: 21.03.2019

A new iPhone app that provides the public with the tools and information needed to experience Poole Harbour’s incredible birdlife is now available to download from the Apple App Store. DOWNLOAD THE APP - 

POSTED: 26.02.2019

With spring just around the corner and birds of numerous species departing and also arriving it’s an incredibly exciting time of year to be exploring the harbour.

POSTED: 20.02.2019

On March 1st we'll be celebrating our Engagement Centres 1st Birthday, having opened last year to the public. So far we've seen just under 20,000 people visit our new space and we can't thank you all enough for your kind words and support over this last year.

POSTED: 20.02.2019

As part of a new project on Kestrels, Birds of Poole Harbour are putting up 14 new Kestrel nesting boxes, kindly assembled by Men's Shed charity and installed by Wildlife Windows, at sites around the Harbour.

POSTED: 18.02.2019

This year is an incredibly exciting and potentially pivotal time in our project to re-establish breeding Osprey on the South coast of the UK.

POSTED: 17.12.2018

A total of six grebe species have been recorded within Poole Harbour, although only five of them are either regular or semi regular. Below we describe the status and plumages characteristics of each species.  

POSTED: 03.12.2018


With the last few summer migrants leaving the harbour in September and October, November and December are the start of winter birding!

POSTED: 01.11.2018

Why host a beach clean?

POSTED: 01.11.2018

With a record number of White-fronted geese all the way from Greenland sighted at Abbotsbury over the past few days, we thought we’d compile a list of the geese that frequent Poole Harbour over the winter.

POSTED: 18.10.2018

Our harbour plays an important role for many wintering species, including the well-known

POSTED: 17.10.2018

As the nights begin to draw in, and temperatures fall, remembering the calm, sunny days of late August and early September, that prompted our juvenile Ospreys to embark on their long and perilous migration to southern Europe or West Africa, now seem like a distant memory.

POSTED: 12.10.2018

Day 1 – Monday 

POSTED: 08.10.2018

Its October, you’re now wearing walking boots and wellies rather than flip-flops and sandals.

POSTED: 20.08.2018

Project Update

POSTED: 17.08.2018
Osprey Chick 008 flying over Wytch - Simon Kidner


A sad and challenging six days

POSTED: 01.08.2018

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham crossed the finish line of his UK Bioblitz campaign tour at the Birds of Poole Harbour HQ on Poole Quay on Monday, ending 10 days of intensive wildlife surveys around the UK.

POSTED: 12.07.2018

Fourteen Osprey chicks have arrived in Poole Harbour from Scotland as part of a five-year translocation project, which seeks to restore a south coast breeding population of this incredible bird of prey.

POSTED: 02.07.2018

We’re excited to announce that on July 23rd 2018 Chris Packham and his Bioblitz campaign team will be finishing their 10-day UK Bioblitz tour here on Poole Quay, in our new Birds of Poole Harbour HQ.

POSTED: 21.06.2018

The study of nocturnal migration is a fascinating subject and one that’s certainly grown in popularity over the last 12 months.

POSTED: 16.06.2018

Hello everyone! I’m really pleased to have the chance to introduce myself to you all and tell you a bit about how my first two months (where has the time gone?!) as HQ Manager for Birds of Poole Harbour have gone.

About Me

POSTED: 14.06.2018

Spring is an exciting time of year, but for the birds it can be brief.

POSTED: 04.04.2018

This is just getting silly now. Since the release of our Osprey chicks in August 2017 we’ve had two sightings of two individuals in Western Senegal.

POSTED: 23.02.2018

Local environmental education charity ‘Birds of Poole Harbour’ opens the doors to its new engagement HQ on Poole Quay at midday on March 1st 2018.

POSTED: 09.02.2018

Today (09/02/18) we received some incredible news. We announced two weeks ago that one of our Osprey chicks (LS7) raised and released into Poole Harbour last summer was seen in Western Senegal in late January. This was a rare and unexpected sighting.

POSTED: 25.01.2018

On Jan 23rd we recived some exciting news from our project partners in the Poole Harbour Osprey translocation project.

POSTED: 09.12.2017

Birds of Poole Harbour began operating as a charity in 2013 with the aim of popularising and promoting bird conservation, preservation and observation in and around Poole Harbour.

POSTED: 03.11.2017

Autumn is a time for transition and change. When summer departs and we welcome chilly, dew heavy mornings and cloudy sky’s over cool coasts. Its also time for migration, migration, migration…..the time of year that gets a birders pulse racing harder and faster than ever.

POSTED: 11.10.2017

A new record number of 75 Eurasian Spoonbill have been counted in Poole Harbour during a survey carried out by a local environmental charity, making it the largest gathering of this species ever recorded in the UK.

POSTED: 14.08.2017

Eight Osprey chicks have taken their first flights in Poole Harbour after being raised and released at a confidential location within the area.

POSTED: 06.07.2017

Eight Osprey chicks have safely arrived in Poole Harbour as part of a five year translocation project, aimed at re-establishing this spectacular bird of prey to its former breeding grounds on the south coast.

POSTED: 20.06.2017

Osprey translocation proposal agreed for Poole Harbour


POSTED: 24.05.2017

Poole Harbours Black-headed and Mediterranean Gull colony is showing signs of recovery after it was discovered last year that egg thieves had targeted the islands.

POSTED: 09.05.2017

Both our spring and autumn tours are my favourite to lead as you quite simply have no idea what you’re going to ‘bump in to’. Throughout April millions of migrant birds are working their way up through Europe with peak numbers normally hitting the south coast around the end of April.

POSTED: 10.04.2017

This spring Poole Harbour’s important Black-headed and Mediterranean Gull colony will get extra protection with both day and night monitoring being carried out by the Marine Division of Dorset Police.

POSTED: 21.03.2017

On March 29th, the Prime Minister Theresa May will be triggering article 50 which will begin the process of our departure from the EU.

POSTED: 17.03.2017

Lytchett Bay has gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years, producing more high quality bird’s year on year whilst public engagement opportunities and infrastructure continues to improve.

POSTED: 17.02.2017

Three years in already and it seems our Dorset Discovery Tours are proving quite a hit.

POSTED: 23.01.2017

The Woodcock, there is no doubt is a mysterious bird. During the winter they hide away all day in large, damp, mature woodland relying wholly on their impeccable camouflage to keep them hidden and safe.

POSTED: 23.01.2017

Over the last few weeks, people have been getting all of a flutter due to the mesmerising Starling murmuration at Shell Bay, Studland.

POSTED: 10.10.2016

In 2016 ‘Birds of Poole Harbour’ commissioned Nick Hopper to carry out a full census of breeding gulls within our Poole Harbour boundary. The survey was carried out during the spring and summer of 2016 and the findings as well as the results took us all by surprise.

POSTED: 27.09.2016

The RSPB in Dorset announce that Autumnwatch 2016 will be broadcast live from their RSPB Arne nature reserve, from Monday 24 – Thursday 27 October, BBC Two.

POSTED: 13.07.2016

When we think of summer we think of long, lazy summer days, birds singing and over-weight Bumble Bees bouncing from flower head to flower head, a gentle breeze whipping through large oak leaves and an ice cold Pimms chilling the palm of your hands.

POSTED: 19.05.2016

Back in November last year we set a challenge to anyone willing to participate, to come up with and design our new official Birds of Poole Harbour logo.

POSTED: 17.05.2016

The eggs of a rare bird called a Mediterranean Gull have been illegally stolen in Poole Harbour for potential sale to top restaurants for consumption, despite the practice being highly illegal and with no knowledge as to whether the eggs are safe to eat.

POSTED: 05.05.2016

Spring, a time for change and regeneration, growing days and the arrival of birds…lots and lots of birds. Our Dorset Discovery Spring Tour, always planned for the end of the end of April in hope of cashing in on the maximum number of birds entering (and some leaving) the county.

POSTED: 25.01.2016

On Friday the 22nd of January an application was submitted by Natural England to extend the areas of Poole Harbours current SPA.

POSTED: 19.01.2016

Unbelievably, we’re already into our second year of our Dorset Discovery wildlife tours in partnership with the Dorset RSPB team. Our first winter, spring and autumn tours back in 2015 were hugely successful and the range of species seen, staggering!

POSTED: 24.11.2015

Here at Birds of Poole Harbour we feel it’s about time we had an official logo.

POSTED: 17.09.2015

Due to the huge success of our 2015-17 tour program we're thrilled to announce the continuation of this project.

POSTED: 14.09.2015


TRIP REPORT Sept 7th – 9th 2015

POSTED: 29.07.2015

Student Grant Concept

POSTED: 10.07.2015

We all like a good news story, but unfortunately they don’t always pan out the way we want them to. After making a successful breeding return to the harbour in 2013, Marsh Harriers have been going from strength to strength ever since.

POSTED: 05.05.2015

After the success of our first Dorset Discovery tour back in January this year, both organisations were really looking forward to the next one, focusing everything Dorset has to offer during the spring.

POSTED: 01.05.2015

The Little Owl; Our Vanishing Goddess

POSTED: 31.03.2015

It’s been a tough couple of days bird wise with spring migration coming to a complete halt, and many of our winter birds having left resulting in ZERO sightings being reported.

POSTED: 19.03.2015


POSTED: 19.02.2015

Wednesday 18th February saw the last RSPB Poole Harbour bird boat of the 2014/15 winter season take place, and what a trip it was. A challenge was made to try and beat the boat day record of 56 species set by Haymoor Junior School only the week previously.

POSTED: 26.01.2015

I would like to promote a talk that is taking place on Monday 9th February 2015 at 19:30 in the Poole Museum.

POSTED: 15.01.2015

On January 12th 2015, our Birds of Poole Harbour charity and the Dorset RSPB team embarked upon the first of our new three day Dorset Discovery Tours, a joint venture between both organisations helping to promote local conservation and bird watching.

POSTED: 09.01.2015

There has recently been a collaboration of several organisations including Southern IFCA, Natural England, Borough of Poole, Poole Harbour Commissioners and the Angling Trust, looking at how best to protect some of the harbours most sensitive feeding sites for over-wintering waders and wildfowl.

POSTED: 21.10.2014

Dorset is a county of calm and tranquility, with its rare lowland heathland, rolling chalk downland, numerous bird rich harbours and of course the awe inspiring Jurassic Coast.

POSTED: 08.10.2014

A rare sighting of the largest flock of Spoonbills ever seen in Britain has been recorded on the Brownsea Island Lagoon in Dorset.

POSTED: 07.08.2014

Several years ago I met Mark Constantine for the first time at Arne RSPB reserve whilst he was out sound recording with his wife Mo. They had been out recording Dartford Warbler for his new Sound Approach title (un-named back then) Catching the Bug, and I was intrigued within seconds.

POSTED: 16.04.2014

On Saturday the 12th of April 2014 I was out for a leisurely walk around the Bestwall riverside walk near Wareham when I discovered something quite unexpected.  After spotting my first few Swallows of the summer, and the odd Sand Martin I suddenly noticed a couple of ‘white birds’ dist

POSTED: 22.01.2014

Back in December last year we reported that the funds raised from our monthly field trips had been spent on trying to boost the harbour population of Barn Owl.

POSTED: 23.12.2013

Over the last year many people have attended our wide range of ‘Birds of Poole harbour’ field trips and have been kind enough to donate money for each of the walks they’ve attended.

POSTED: 26.09.2013

Although it is still early for over-wintering birds, we saw a good variety of species when we took out over 60 pupils from Lytchett Matravers Primary School on the first of this season’s bird boats.

POSTED: 03.09.2013

On Monday 2nd of September 2013 Paul Morton of the ‘Birds of Poole Harbour’ education charity was on the phone to Nick Hopper, co-author of the Sound Approach title ‘Catching the Bug’ discussing the capabilities of the ‘BoPH’ webcam when on his computer monitor Paul noticed a small wad

POSTED: 24.07.2013

In the 1950s Poole Harbour hosted 60% of the entire UK population of breeding Marsh Harrier, but by 1963 there were none.

POSTED: 18.06.2013

Warning against using bird apps on nature reserves

POSTED: 28.05.2013

Tweet – a nature table for the 21st Century 

POSTED: 26.05.2013
POSTED: 20.04.2013

Saturday the 20th of April saw the third ‘Birds of Poole Harbour’ public walk where the chosen location was the Sunnyside/Soldiers Road area.

POSTED: 02.02.2013

Today was the ‘Birds of Poole Harbour’ launch walk, kindly supported by Arne RSPB nature reserve. A group of 20 keen and eager people booked on to what was hopefully going to be an unforgettable first excursion.

POSTED: 19.10.2012

As we know Poole Harbour is a great place for birds live and for children to explore, so why not try and combine the two?

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