Osprey Chick 019 Photographed in The Gambia

We'll have more info on this for you soon, but we wanted to share the news we received today that about around 3pm we got a Facebook message from a lady called Joanna Dailey stating she was down in The Gambia at a site where there were currently 20+ Osprey hanging around with one that had a blue leg ring coded 019. The message also came with a photo clearly showing the leg ring, and low and behold, it’s one of our 2019 translocated chicks making it’s self at home in the Gunjur Quarry area in southern Gambia. This is a brilliant piece of news as it shows that at least one (and hopefully more) of this years youngsters made it safe and sound to Africa.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Joanna for her speedy news and for allowing us to use her photo. We’d also like to thank her guide too, Fansu Bojang who showed Joanna the site with all these over-wintering Osprey.  Joanna also kindly said she’s try and send some video too, so when all the Christmas festivities are over we’ll get this posted for you asap.

Osprey chick 019 - The Gambia 23/12/19 - Joanna Dailey


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