Poole Harbour is made up of many different habitats, which in turn provides a stunning variety of bird life throughout the entire year. The dark, cold winter months are brought to life with literally thousands of over wintering birds feeding busily out on the mud or on the open water. The gentle warmth of spring sees the arrival of our familiar and not so familiar summer migrants whilst the heathlands in June and July are a true joy to experience with the iconic Dartford Warbler, Nightjar and Woodlark all noticeable in good numbers.

The 'Birds of Poole Harbour' map is an interactive guide to help you learn when and where the best places are to watch birds. Many people are familiar with the Harbour’s beautifully managed nature reserves such as Brownsea Island and Arne RSPB reserve, but would you know where to go to see the UK's largest and most important wintering flock of Black-necked Grebe?

Hover the curser over the shaded parts of the map and click on the shaded areas to get more information on each specific site.


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