HOLTON LEE Tweet – a nature table for the 21st Century

Tweet – a nature table for the 21st Century 

An exhibition with a bit of a difference will be taking place in Holton Lee’s Faith House Gallery (Wednesday 29th May – Thursday 6th June) during Purbeck Art Weeks, as part of the Fringe Festival ( . The difference will be that the exhibits will be contributed by the visitors to the exhibition.  Nature lovers and visitors will be encouraged to participate in creating Holton Lee’s first communal exhibition come collective artwork.

The exhibition theme revolves around the school nature table of yesteryear. Nature tables were commonplace in pre 1970s primary school classrooms.  They comprised a random selection of nature based objects – fossils, birds’ nests, skulls, seashells, sticky buds coming into leaf – chosen and brought in by the children and often representative of a particular season; they have been viewed as a type of altar, celebrating nature ‘on the doorstep,’ and the commonplace and occasionally quirky. It was something that school children could have a direct link with, colourful, dynamic, ever changing, instilling an early appreciation of diversity and beauty.  For many, participation was an early formative experience, helping to inspire a lifelong interest in nature and environmental issues.

‘Tweet’ is a non-too serious exhibition designed to make us reflect on our relationship with nature today. All visitors will be asked to contribute a found or made object (e.g. painting, poem, photo, pot, plant) large or small, to gain entry. This could be something you find in the grounds of Holton Lee or elsewhere. Or it could be something you’ve made - your own interpretation of the natural world or maybe, a comment on our stewardship of nature – or even a mysterious artefact found amongst cobwebs in the corner of the garden shed!

Visitors shouldn’t expect to find much on the first day of the exhibition apart from a backdrop of tables, pedestals and furnishings where the various offerings can be displayed.....and perhaps a vase of wild flowers. Geoff Jones exhibition organiser says “The exhibits will build up over the days so you may wish to return to see how the exhibition has grown…. but be warned, if you do, you’ll need to bring another offering!” Visitors and families are welcome to explore Holton Lee’s grounds prior to visiting the exhibition and leaflets, showing paths and points of interest, are available from reception.

Alongside Tweet will be a small exhibition of stone carvings by Geoff entitled ‘Landscape in Rock’ where the various works have been inspired by landscape forms and geology.

For more details contact Holton Lee or email tel 01202 625562

Holton Lee is a unique, secluded part of Dorset where visitors can get away from the stresses of life and find time and space for personal growth through access to the arts and the natural environment. All the facilities at Holton Lee, which covers 350 acres of biodiverse habitats, have been designed and built to ensure that they are accessible to everyone. Whether you are interested in holiday accommodation, a wedding venue, artists’ studios, exhibition space, conference rooms or just a walk in the beautiful surroundings, Holton Lee has it all.

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