First 2019 Osprey on Poole Harbour nesting platforms

We just wanted to share an exciting update with you all, which saw an Osprey land on the new Middlebere nesting platform yesterday morning at 8:43am. Our camera trap on the Middlebere nest captured footage of an Osprey settling on the nest for 40 minutes. This was exciting in its self, but when we saw the ring and could just make out the lettering CJ7, it made our pulses rise. CJ7 is now a 4 year old female from Rutland who first burst onto the scene in August 2017 when she arrived into the harbour and spent a week feeding with and associating with our class of 2017 Osprey chicks. Last year she reappeared in the harbour and spent most of the summer on nest platforms around the RSPB Arne peninsular. Then, today at 8:43 she appeared on the Middlebere nest, freshly arrived from West Africa. This is the earliest she’s been back and clearly likes these nests. Come on males from 2017, we just need a few of you to show up now. Exciting times and game on!!!

We’d like to thank Phil Stubington, Jan Toomer, Mike Simmonds and Alison Copland for their kind donations towards our new cameras and nesting platforms, along with the RSPB for their partnership in allowing us to erect a new nesting platform in the Middlebere Channel to replace the old one. We really appreciate it.


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