Big poole harbour Bird Count - Jan 19th 2020

Over the last few years we’ve met plenty of new, keen, eager birders (as well as the old cohort) who love nothing better than exploring Poole Harbour on a cold winters day. With such a wealth of species on offer a great day can be had out exploring your local patch or perhaps a new area you’ve never visited before. This January 19th we’re encouraging people to get out and record ALL your sightings so we can collate and put together a snapshot of just how many species are using the harbour during the winter, how many there are of each species and what their distribution is across the area. So, to keep things simple we’re asking for just four simple bits of information from any site you visit or record at, which can include your garden. All we’re asking for is for you to send us the below info for each site you visit…..

Site Name - e.g Poole Park, Holes Bay south, garden with postcode provided

Time – The time you start and finish surveying.

Species list  - Full list of every species logged during your count

Total – A total number of each species seen

Our Big Poole Harbour Bird Count will coincide with a Poole Harbour (WeBS) Wetland Bird Survey which will be carried out by a dedicated team who will seek to log as many waterbirds as possible such as waders and wildfowl, but we’re still keen for you to log these species too, just in case our team miss anything. However, we’re also really focused on gathering as much data as possible on passerines as they’re often over-looked during the winter. Everything from finches, tits, larks, warblers, pipits, wagtail’s, thrush’s, chats and sparrows we want to hear about all of them. Also surveying and logging corvids (Carrion Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws, Jay’s Ravens) and all birds of prey will play a key role in building a total picture of what’s using the harbour during the day, so please don't miss anything off your lists!



Our HQ will be closed during the day so all our team can be out surveying too, but we’ll be opening our doors at 17:30 and inviting anyone who’s been out and about to come and join us for an end of day role call to see which species have been logged over the course of the day and to have a good old birdy catch up! Once the day is over please complete this simple form, or just email you records to so our team can start analysing your data and inputting it onto Birdtack. We’ve also developed our own data interpretive map so you can see your own records and explore other peoples from the day.

In terms of areas covered we’re looking to get to try and get as many sites as possible monitored so we’re confident most publicly accessible sites are surveyed and provide some data (please don’t access private land unless prior agreement has been given). With this in mind, we’re especially keen to see reports from sites like the woodland along the Studland Peninsular, Greenlands Farm and Godlingston Heath, Hartland Moor, Stoborough Heath, Slepe Heath, Holmebridge, Bog/Holme lane, Holton Lee (if you’re a member), Upton Heath, Upton Country Park, Swineham and Bestwall, Coombe Heath at Arne, Arne farm and Shipstal, Studland Heath, Challow Hill, Corfe, Hatch Pond, Middlebere and approach track, North Haven, Luscombe Valley Sandbanks, Ballard Down and Old Harry, Knoll/South and Middle Beach, plus anywhere else you think would be worth visiting.

THIS MAP we’ve created will help you locate some of these areas should you wish to visit them and gives a bit of info relating to winter highlights from those areas.

If when we’re analysing the data we come across a report of something rare or scarce, we’d like to contact you for further details if that’s ok, or better still, if you could try and photograph or sound record (with your phone) the bird in question then that will help us in our analysis.

So, until Jan 19th why not get out and explore some new areas ready for survey day later in the month!



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