ANOTHER Poole Harbour Osprey chick seen in West Africa

Today (09/02/18) we received some incredible news. We announced two weeks ago that one of our Osprey chicks (LS7) raised and released into Poole Harbour last summer was seen in Western Senegal in late January. This was a rare and unexpected sighting. Today, we've just received a photo from a birder who was down in Africa over the New Year who had (unknowingly at the time) photographed ANOTHER one of our chicks...this time LS3!!! More astonishingly it was only 21km away from where LS7 had been seen recently. To receive news of one bird was a rare event in its self, but to have a photo of a second a few weeks later is unheard of. We're absolutely thrilled as this is a really positive sign that at least some of our chicks are fit and well having made their first long and dangerous migration to west Africa.

A huge thanks to the photographer Jose Louis Carlo for finding, photographing and reporting this significant sighting. It really means a lot.

Here’s an extra bit of detail from our project partners The Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, written by Tim Mackrill. HERE

Osprey chick LS3 - Jose Louis Carlo - Western Senegal

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