Family Bird Boats



Apart from being an idyllic, tranquil and scenic oasis during the winter, Poole Harbour is also a haven for important over wintering wildlife and boasts internationally significant numbers of wading birds and waterfowl. The harbour not only hosts one of the largest wintering flocks of Avocet in the country but can also provide views of up to 20 Spoonbill lazily flying over the Brownsea Lagoon, Common Seals popping up next to the boat to say hello or even a spectacular display from a Peregrine Falcon.

This winter we are hosting our new ‘Birding for Beginners’ initiative with aim of getting interested and enthusiastic youngsters out and enjoying nature together from the safety and comfort of a Brownsea Island ferry. The project offers families the chance to hop on board for FREE to learn about Poole Harbour’s amazing birdlife, how to ID many of them and about their general ecology. The initiative is being set up to highlight the beauty and importance of Poole Harbour for both people and wildlife alike and we’ll be talking about the very important relationship between the two. The project coincides with Birds of Poole Harbours already very popular school bird boat project which sees our charity take over 1500 local school children on tours around Poole Harbour every winter. You’ll be guided around and shown some of the harbour’s best wildlife spectacles including views of the busy Brownsea Lagoon, often hosting up to 15,000 birds during the winter, plus the chance of witnessing the UKs largest over-wintering Spoonbill flock.

Whats included? 

The trip is totally free, courtesy of the Birds of Poole Harbour charity and includes a two and a half hour tour around Poole Harbour on board one of the yellow Brownsea Island ferries, leaving from Poole Quay. On board several expert guides will join you to help and there will even be binoculars on hand for those who don't have their own.....but to be honest, if your interested in birding we're sure you'll have your own! The lead guide will be talking on the speaker system about the birds we find, where they've come from, how to ID them and tips for you to take away for future use.

Places will be limited to 75 people and booking will be done on a first come first serve basis.

For every one/two adults there must be an accompanying child (17 or under). 

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult

BOOKING ESSENTIAL - To book onto the tour please phone 01202 641003 or pop into our HQ on Poole Quay. Office hours for phone are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

IMPORTANT - When booking on the trip EACH person attending will be provided with a boarding number which must be given with your name on the day.

Cancelations - The trips will go ahead regardless of weather conditions. The trips will only ever be cancelled under captains orders due to either dense fog or high winds

What's not included?

Transport to and from Poole Quay will not be included, guests must find their own way.

Refreshments on board

Child supervision. All under 18s are the responsibility of their accompanying adult(s) 





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